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Edible Cookie Dough for 2

Raw cookie dough, but completely safe to eat? I’m in. This edible cookie dough for 2 is delicious and the perfect amount for two people.

Edible Cookie Dough for 2

There are few things as glorious in this world as cookie dough. Big tubes from the store that you can cut open and eat a slice. A homemade dough that you get to taste before it goes in the oven. Somehow cookie dough is one of those desserts that’s as good, if not better, than its final baked form.

This edible cookie dough is the real deal. It has all the classic ingredients we love in chocolate chip cookie dough. But we sub eggs for milk and heat treat the flour so it’s completely safe to eat.

And it’s simply delicious. This cookie dough has more than 250K views on TikTok and Instagram, rave reviews in the comments, and even one person who said this was the “best cookie dough I’ve ever had.” And it’s the edible cookie dough version of the single serve half baked cookie dough skillet that has more than 3.7M views on TikTok, if you needed one more reason to make it.

Get ready for edible chocolate chip cookie dough for 2.

Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for 2

What makes this edible cookie dough so perfect

First off, this edible cookie dough is small batch. It’s perfect for two people — one if you’re ambitious — with maybe a little left over to stash in your fridge. But it’s not some huge amount of cookie dough that will take forever to finish.

This cookie dough also has stellar flavor and texture. It’s sweet and buttery, with caramel notes from the brown sugar, and tastes like true, about-to-go-in-the-oven cookie dough. Texture-wise, the dough is smooth, with little granules of sugar that we love in a cookie dough and studded with mini chocolate chips.

One more reason to make it? It takes less than 10 minutes to pull together once your heat treated flour cools. Dessert craving, satisfied.

What ingredients do I need for edible cookie dough for 2?

You only need seven ingredients for this edible cookie dough, most of which are pantry staples:

Tips for the Best Edible Cookie Dough

Edible Cookie Dough FAQs

What does it mean to heat treat your flour? Do I need to do it?

Heat-treated flour, sometimes referred to as tempered flour, is flour that’s had a quick blast of heat to to kill off any potential foodborne illnesses. Flour straight from the bag is raw, because the process of grinding flour doesn’t involve any heat. This means there may be bacteria in your flour and it’s technically not safe to eat until it’s been heated up and any potential bacteria killed.

I know we’ve all eaten our fair share of cookie dough without heat treated flour. In this recipe, since we’re eating all the dough, it really is safer to heat treat.

Get creative with your cookie dough

Your customization options with this edible cookie dough are endless. Want to roll them into balls for homemade chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream? Go for it. Want to roll them into balls and dip in chocolate for cookie dough truffles? Heck yeah. Want to add pretzels for a salty sweet dessert or graham crackers and marshmallows for a s’mores twist? The world is your oyster!

How to store edible chocolate chip cookie dough for 2

You can keep this dough in the fridge in a well-sealed container for five days. Any time you want some, let it warm slightly and it’ll soften back up. I really like to store the cookie dough in a glass jar like this (you may need to eat a bite before it all fits in), but you can use any kind of jar or tupperware.

You can also stash the dough in the freezer for up to three months. I recommend rolling it into balls before freezing so you can easily grab one at a time.

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If you make this cookie dough, be sure to tag me on Instagram or TikTok at @loaves.and.such and please leave a review below!

Edible Cookie Dough for 2

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Prep Time


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  • 1/2 cup + 1 TBS. (68 grams) all purpose flour

  • 4 TBS. unsalted butter, melted and cooled

  • 1/4 cup + 2 TBS. brown sugar

  • 1 1/2 TBS. milk

  • 1 heaping tsp. vanilla extract

  • 1/4 tsp. coarse salt

  • Chocolate chips to taste (mini chocolate chips are very fun)

  • Flaky sea salt to top (optional)


  • First, heat treat your flour and set aside to cool until it’s close to room temperature.

    Oven method: Spread the flour in a thin layer on a baking sheet and bake at 350°F oven for five minutes.

    Microwave method: Microwave in 1-2 minute increments until it reaches 165°F in temperature (depends on the strength of your microwave)
  • Stir the butter and brown sugar well until there’s no separation between the two.
  • Mix in the milk and vanilla.
  • Stir in the cooled flour and salt, then stir in the chocolate chips.
  • Top with flaky sea salt if you’d like, and enjoy!

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